• Galumpha Rice - longer
    Galumpha! — Thursday, August 6, 7:00 p.m. VTArtists Circus Pop Family Classics

    Combining stunning acrobatics, striking visual effects, physical comedy and inventive choreography, Galumpha brings to life a world of imagination, beauty, muscle and merriment. The three performers create a sensory feast of images ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime, drawn together into a seamless whole. Formed in 2002 by Andy Horowitz and Greg O'Brien, Galumpha is a triumphant mix of art and entertainment, offering world-class, award winning choreography (Edinburgh Festival Critics' Choice Award, Moers International Comedy Arts Prize) that is a fast-paced, athletic brand of movement, distinctive for its ingenuity and fun for the whole family. Galumpha has performed at thousands of venues in over thirty countries.. Recommended for ages 7+ years.

  • TheRendezVous06CreditLinoCipresso
    Krin Haglund in The Rendez-Vous — Saturday, August 8, 7:00 p.m. VTArtists Circus Pop Family Classics

    While waiting for her date to finally arrive for a romantic evening out, our coquette and ever so slightly foolish heroine piles on the eccentricities to overcome her disappointment. In a succession of personas ranging from the diva, the joker to the cheeky minx, the dazzling Krin Haglund is a master of comedy, aerial silks, juggling and the Cyr Wheel. She is a true virtuoso and the first woman ever to perform on the Cyr wheel! This is the first one-woman show for this outstanding artist. The Rendez-Vous is set in a quirky 1920s cabaret where romance, hilarity, buffoonery, and grace converge. Recommended for ages 7+ years.

  • 8 Cuerdas
    8 Cuerdas: Passion Meets Tango & Flamenco — Saturday, August 15, 8:00 p.m. VTArtists Circus Pop Family Classics

    American soprano Sarah Cullins and Colombian guitarist Daniel Gaviria are the duo 8 Cuerdas, named for the eight “strings” that make up their two instruments and the artistic unity that this husband and wife team bring to their performances. Sarah and Daniel combine their classical training and experience with their love of traditional Latin American and Spanish rhythms and folklore to explore the multiple musical identities of Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. This concert showcases passionate and soulful interpretations of Argentine tango and milonga by Piazzolla and Guastavino, then continues up the continent presenting the beautifully rich repertoire of Latin American song and its influences from across the sea, with audience favorites such as Aranjuez, Ma Pensée and Bachianas Brasileiras.

  • Alisdair Fraser & Natalie Haas
    Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas, Scottish Fiddle and Modern Cello — Saturday, August 22, 8:00 p.m. VTArtists Circus Pop Family Classics

    Alasdair and Natalie are the absolute undisputed King and Queen of Scottish music. That may sound like it’s saying a lot, but it understates their influence and talent by a country mile. They can take one ancient tune, and it will sound just like it did when it was played 300 years ago, and then, in the same set, launch into a contemporary Celtic-inspired tune that makes jaws around the world drop. Their music spans the history of the violin. You can talk about Natalie’s Juilliard training, or Alasdair’s world-renown Valley Of The Moon music camp, but it doesn’t begin to describe their influence in contemporary fiddle music. In the Celtic world, they are the gold standard. Sorry, everyone else!

  • Northern Third Piano Quartet
    Northern Third Piano Quartet — Saturday, August 29, 8:00 p.m. VTArtists Circus Pop Family Classics

    The Northern Third Piano Quartet returns to Spruce Peak performing a powerful musical program that includes solo and duo music of Mozart, Shostakovich, Middlebury composer Jorge Martin, and Schumann, the Piano Quartet in E-Flat Major, op. 47, one of the greatest works in the piano quartet repertoire.

  • Dave Keller
    Dave Keller Band: Soul & Blues from Montpelier to Memphis — Saturday, September 5, 8:00 pm VTArtists Circus Pop Family Classics

    Dave Keller Band: Soul & Blues from Montpelier to Memphis Saturday, September 5, 8:00 pm Tickets: Prices start at $20.  $25 regular, $35 premium Peak Partners Save 10-20%. | Log-in | Become a Peak Partner | “…devastatingly powerful…Soul Changes proves again that Keller is a real deal soul man and tasteful guitarist.” – Jim Hynes, Elmore Magazine One of the finest blues […]

  • Carol Ann Jones 2
    Carol Ann Jones Quartet — Saturday, September 12, 8:00 pm VTArtists Circus Pop Family Classics

    Carol writes songs that are full of energy and life. She sings about the fun and foolishness of life, the joy of relationships and the experiences we share. This is their third amazing concert at Spruce Peak -- come to listen, sing along, and dance! Her all-star band includes Will Patton on mandolin, steel guitar, dobro and upright bass, Dono Schabner on electric guitar, Gary Spaulding on cajone (an acoustic drum box,) andCarol Ann Jones on acoustic guitar and vocals, Come hear her new music and experience a free-flowing up-tempo evening of rock, country, pop, jazz and blues.

  • Photo by Nico Malvadi
    Ballets With A Twist: Mint Julep and Other Spirited Dances — Saturday, September 19, 7:30 p.m. VTArtists Circus Pop Family Classics

    Created by artistic director and choreographer Marilyn Klaus, Mint Julep and Other Spirited Dances reinvents the glamour and excitement of classic entertainment with an original mix of charismatic choreography, intoxicating music and exquisite costume design. Praised by PBS for its “surprising style,” this family-friendly, pop-infused performing arts experience launches iconic American refreshments off the menu and onto the stage in a series of sparkling and witty vignettes. Program highlights include the spunky “Shirley Temple” and Kentucky Derby-inspired “Mint Julep.” It’s an enchanting adventure for all ages to enjoy! Recommended for ages 7+ years.

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